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Letter to a penpal : CE2 class

Hello everyone, Cette année, avec la classe de CE2 nous avons mis en place une correspondance avec une école en Angleterre; St Luke’s C of E Primary School, Cannock. Nous avons parlé de nous, de nos goûts, de notre planning de classe. Et nous avons rajouté une page avec une photo de nous « relookée » en

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Halloween is coming

Quoi de plus drôle que de travailler en réalisant des petits « pencils pots » qui ressemblent à des monstres d’Halloween :« Jack O’Lantern, bat, black cat, owl, monster and ghost » ont servis de modèles pour les classes de CE1. Happy Halloween !  

Back to School

Hello everyone and welcome back to school! After a wonderful summer, the English team (Anne, Clare and Teddy) are back and ready for a fun filled year of English at School. The GS children have been learning their colours, and counting to ten.  They particularly enjoyed the song ‘Ten in the Bed’ which you can

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Wild Animals

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful snow we have in Nantes today! We have had a fun few weeks in English learning some new animals.  We’ve learnt: Lion Tiger Monkey Gorilla Toucan Elephant Rino Giraffe Zebra Snake We went on a walk around the jungle with this song, which you

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Yes I Can!

Hello everyone, In English the MS and GS have been learning actions, such as ‘jump’ ‘clap your hands’ and ‘run!’ This has been great fun, and the children have really enjoyed learning and doing the actions.  We listened to the song ‘Yes I Can!’ and read the book ‘From Head to Toe’ which helped us

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Farm Animals

  Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely holidays, and wish you and your families all the very best for 2021. Since the start of term, the MS have now joined the GS in English.  The MS have really enjoyed joining in, and the GS have been great helping

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CM2 Reading Project

Hello everyone, Les CM2 ont commencé un nouveau project cette semaine, avec le but d’apprendre à lire ne anglais! Bien sur sachant lire en français, ils arrivent déjà à lire un peu l’anglais, mais pendant ce projet on va travailler vraiment les sons et les phonemes de l’anglais, pour apprendre à mieux lire en anglais

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Merry Christmas

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and looking forward to the upcoming holidays. I have had fun teaching the Children about Christmas.  With the Grand Section groups I spent some time learning some Christmas vocabulary; Christmas Tree, Santa, Reindeer, Present, Angel, Snowman and Elf.  Once the children had learnt to vocabulary, they made

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Counting in English

Hello everyone! Teddy and I have been very busy these last two weeks teaching the children in the GS classes to count.  The children have all learnt their number up to ten really well, and some can even count higher! This week Teddy was very naughty, he kept mixing the number up!! Luckily the children

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It’s a rainbow!

  Hello! My name is Teddy, and I help Clare teach English in GS.  The past two weeks we’ve been learning the colours in English.  Point to something, and ask your child ‘what colour is it?’.  I think they will know the answer. We have also been listening to this lovely song : ‘It’s a

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