Counting in English

Hello everyone!

Teddy and I have been very busy these last two weeks teaching the children in the GS classes to count.  The children have all learnt their number up to ten really well, and some can even count higher!

This week Teddy was very naughty, he kept mixing the number up!! Luckily the children knew them well enough to put them back in order.  Well done everyone.

We hope that you are all enjoying English.  If you want to do more at home I have added a simple counting and colouring activity to the Google drive which you can print out and do with your child.  You can practice counting together while you do the colouring.  We also learnt two new songs: Five Little Speckled Frogs, and Ten Christmas Puddings, which you can listen to again, and again, and again at home.

See you again soon for some Christmas fun,

Bye for now,

Clare and Teddy