Wild Animals

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful snow we have in Nantes today!

We have had a fun few weeks in English learning some new animals.  We’ve learnt:

  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Monkey
  • Gorilla
  • Toucan
  • Elephant
  • Rino
  • Giraffe
  • Zebra
  • Snake

We went on a walk around the jungle with this song, which you can listen to again at home.  The children have really enjoyed meeting these animals, and learning how to say them in English.  There are some colouring pages on the drive from the song, which you can print out at home for your child to do over the holidays.

On the drive you will also find a zoo, but oh no! There are no animals in the zoo!! You can print out the empty zoo, and ask you child to draw in the animals.  You can ask them questions about which animals the have drawn, and help them to say their names in English.

I hope you enjoy these activities, and have a good holidays,

See you soon,

Clare and Teddy